4 Core Security Functions Of A Network Management Team

As a business, you need a robust and fast network to support the connected devices and cloud technology you use to keep your business running. A network management company takes care of the set-up, maintenance, and running of your network. One of the functions that a network management team provides is network security and other functions.

Function #1: Firewalls

In the digital world, having a network without firewalls is like having a house without any walls. Firewalls are set up so that someone can't just stroll into your digital network without breaking down or finding a way around the wall. They are designed to block specific traffic on your network based on security parameters. Firewalls can block both incoming and outgoing traffic, ensure that people don't get into your network, and make sure certain information isn't pulled from your network.

Function #2: Email Filtering

If you have a regular email address, you have probably noticed and seen emails that make it past the spam filters and end up in your main email box anyway. With touch devices, it can be so easy to open an email you didn't intend to open with one wrong touch. An email filtering program that works on top of the filtering program from your service provider will help ensure that spam email, which often contains malware, doesn't end up in your main email box and that you don't open it and contaminate your email device or network.

Function #3: Access Management

As a business, you want to limit who has access to your networks. A network management team can set up an identity and access management system that will ensure that no one without the right credentials has access to your network. They will set up systems of user privileges on all of your devices, so only the people who should have access to them do have access.

Function #4: Intrusion Prevention Systems

Finally, a network management team will set up intrusion prevention systems (IPS). An IPS will continually scan your network for traffic and payloads that look suspicious. If any are detected, the IPS will go into action, working to reset connections, block the IP address, and get rid of dangerous payloads, all to protect your network.

A network management team is essential for protecting your network. They will establish firewalls, set up advanced email filtering, establish an access management system, and run an IPS, all to keep your network running fast and secure and to prevent outside attacks on your network that could compromise your business.

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