Digital Background Options For Convention Guests

Hosting a celebrity at a convention is a good way to get fans to your booth and create a lot of buzz for the guest's appearance. A typical guest booth includes a table for autographs and a place to take meet and greet photos. As you plan a photo backdrop for meet and greets, you can use a digital background option.

However, you should learn how to use LCD TV screen rentals for digital backgrounds. Not only will advanced LCD TVs provide a clear and crisp background, but you can choose multiple options for the background images.

Slideshow Designs

If your convention booth is hosting a TV or movie star, then you can enhance the background of the TV by displaying a slideshow on the LCD screen. A slideshow can feature digital stills from TV shows and movies. Using stills instead of video will ensure that any meet and greet photos have a clear background without any extra blur.

You can also include slides with the title or official poster art from the various projects. If you display a slideshow with several slides, then the pictures taken will have a wide variety of backgrounds instead of the same static image.

Sponsored Backgrounds

You could also make a little extra money for your booth or promote your own business with a sponsored background. A sponsored background can include logos and images from various resources. If you own a business, then every picture someone takes with a guest will help promote your business and branding.

When the images are shared on social media, your business can spread online and help build organic advertising tools. You can reach out to potential advertisers for the same options and create digital backgrounds that are on display for the duration of the convention.

Event Info

Use an LCD screen rental to showcase the event info. The info provides a natural timestamp for people to look back on the photos and remember the event. For example, you could put the name of the event and the date in the background. On a large LCD TV rental, the information can appear above the people's heads as they pose for the photo.

The name of the convention could help draw more interest for extra days of the event and help boost ticket sales or booth visits. You could also put the name of the performer on the screen so the name is captured in the photos and people can see your booth guests from a far distance while at the convention.

Play around with different ideas to see which ones work best with your booth.

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