Equipment And Lighting Used For Machine Vision

Being able to see is a task that might seem simple but is actually more complex than you might think. The brain must interpret light that enters through one's eyes and make sense of it. Machine vision is also complex but is an important part of automation and industrial processes.

Equipment Used for Machine Vision

Machine vision is carried out through digital sensors that are protected inside cameras. The equipment usually comes with lighting so that the camera can generate a better image. They use special hardware that is designed to capture optics so that computer software can process the images and analyze them so that they can perform measurements and gather other data. The data can be analyzed to determine if a particular product is being properly filled or if there are any defects to a product. 

In some cases, the equipment can consist of a device that is only a camera, and the image-processing device is a standalone unit. In other cases, the camera and image processing device are part of the same piece of equipment. A normal camera is usually not sufficient and a smart camera is instead required. This is a device that can extract information relevant to a specific application. 

Types of Light Used

2D visible light is the most common type of light used. However, there are some cases where multispectral imaging, infrared bands, X-rays, or one of several other forms of imaging are necessary for the industrial application. There are certain processes, such as moving processes, that are more suitable for other methods of imaging. 

The majority of imaging is handled through 2D imaging, which is the least expensive. However, 3D imaging is becoming more common and is essential for some applications. 3D imaging is necessary for situations involving unique features. There are many methods that can be used to generate a 3D image, including grid-based and time of flight.

How Machine Vision Is Used

A machine vision system can perform an objective measurement and compare it to specifications to determine if a particular product on an assembly line should pass or fail. Or, robot arms might be able to perform corrections before a product is moved along an assembly line. Machine vision is often necessary so that a robot arm can properly grasp a product. It also allows for simpler and less expensive robot arms to be created that can perform simpler motions. 

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