How to Monetize Games and Gaming Websites

Games and gaming websites have a strong following, so if you run a game site, you should monetize your efforts. Marketing and using different resources to place your product in front of more people will directly influence your revenue.


Diversification is probably the most important part of your strategy, since any revenue source can fall out of favor. You should use a combination of different tactics, depending on what you are trying to monetize. If you are launching a gaming website, you will want to focus on opportunities that are common for bloggers. This includes sponsored posts, ads, and affiliate marketing. Depending on the type of games you discuss on your website, you could include affiliate marketing links for phones, tablets, computers, or game systems. One of the benefits of having a gaming website is that gaming is closely linked with technology, so you can promote similar products.

Promoting a game will be slightly different because many of your monetization strategies will be in-app. This includes ads, in-game currency, and tools provided by other companies, such as an offer wall. Offer walls are typically found on platforms that give users points they can redeem for cash or gift cards. Since many people are willing to test a game to accumulate points, you will want your game to appear on different offer walls to gain exposure and possibly find long-term players who will become new sources of revenue.

Firsthand Experience

The easiest way to develop a monetization strategy is to find examples by looking at popular and unpopular games and gaming websites to see what they are doing right and wrong. Not only do you want to focus on different tools other people use, but pay attention to how you feel about the experience. Gaming websites go the extra mile to build a community of like-minded gamers. In addition to their website, they tend to have a strong social media presence, which includes videos and live gaming sessions. This sense of community also increases the odds that other gamers will buy a product through their website or affiliate link.

If you are launching a game, you may notice other nuances. Although players will likely have a higher tolerance for games they enjoy, anything intrusive can quickly make a game lose popularity. You will also notice that when ads appear on screen during the game, they are usually in strategic locations, such as a strip at the bottom of the game. In most instances, the ads are reserved for a lull, when the player would naturally rest, such as between levels, or if they are waiting for a boost in energy. The type of break may also dictate what players will be willing to watch. If they are taking a longer break, such as after a challenging level, they may be more willing to watch a 30-second video instead of a brief advertisement. Another monetization feature you should pay attention to is the prices for features or in-game currency. Popular games can give you an idea of what players are willing to pay.

Give a Little, Get a Little

Working with influencers to promote your game or gaming website could increase revenue in the long term. Depending on the influencers you want to promote you, you will have to offer something in the beginning. Smaller influencers may be content if you promote them on your website or do something else to help them widen their audience. If the influencers you choose have a substantial following, you may need to offer a monetary incentive. As an alternative, you could incentivize influencers with a gift card for Google or Apple, so they could buy more games or in-game currency. The goal of investing in an influencer is your product will be promoted to potentially thousands of new people, who may eventually invest in your game. Although the investment can be difficult to make up front, you may receive more than your investment in the future.

Whether you are monetizing a gaming website or game, you will need to implement different strategies to make your efforts work. Looking at other games and websites you admire can give you an idea of how to formulate your strategy. Contact a video game site monetization company for more information and assistance.

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