4 Types Of Fire Alarm Systems To Consider For Your Business

Fire can be devastating. It can take lives and severely damage your business. That's why you need a fire alarm system to protect your investment, employees and customers, and building. Here are four types of fire alarm systems for you to consider:

1. Automatic fire alarm

Automatic fire alarms don't need human input in order to sound. Instead, they use sensors to detect heat, smoke, or both. These are an excellent choice for large buildings which may not have human occupants in every room. Automatic fire alarms can be connected to a greater fire alarm system. This means that if a sensor detects a fire in one room, the whole building will be alerted, so people can clear out and get themselves to safety.

2. Manual fire alarm

Manual fire alarms won't sound on their own. Instead, a person can sound a manual fire alarm by pressing a button or pulling down on a handle. This can be helpful in certain situations, since a person may be able to spot a small fire before an automatic fire alarm can pick up on it. It's a good idea to have both manual and automatic fire alarms in your business for maximum protection. Manual fire alarms are typically bright red and easily spotted, so people will be able to find them in an emergency.

3. Addressable fire alarm

Addressable fire alarms are a type of automatic alarm. They're more technologically advanced than other alarms, since you have the ability to program building coordinates into each alarm. The alarm is connected to a central system, and you will be able to tell which part of your building is on fire, in the event that one of the alarms goes off. This can be a great help to firefighters, since it can help direct them where to go. In the event of a fire, every minute counts, and an addressable fire alarm can shave precious minutes off response times.

4. Accessible fire alarm

Ideally, your fire alarm system should also be accessible to those with disabilities. It needs to be able to alert people who are hearing impaired or who deal with vision loss. Many modern fire alarms also feature strobing lights, which can help to alert people who are deaf. There are some accessible fire alarms available which also deploy a specific odor when a fire is detected. This smell alerts people that they need to get to safety, and it can save the life of a person who is both blind and deaf.

You may want to start by consulting a company like Eastern Fire on which alarm system is best for your business. 

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