Why International Satellite Radio Should Be Among Your Apocalypse Survival Kit

An apocalypse is taken from a Greek word that means "devastating and widespread event." While many people might describe the current state of our country as "apocalyptic," it does not quite fit with anything as horrendous as a nuclear war and nuclear winter, or other imagined events described by post-apocalyptic writings by authors of this and last century. Yet, if you do believe that you are either in an apocalyptic America right now or that the real and major apocalypse is coming very shortly, you might start stockpiling survival goods. Among your survival kit, you should seriously consider adding MSAT G2 international satellite radio. Here is why.

​You Have Your Own Private Communication "Tower"

​This "tower" is an extremely powerful setup that can easily sit on top of an RV or in the trunk of your car. No matter where you go, this radio system with its personal "tower" is able to communicate with other satellite radio users, or you can just scan for activity on the same channel. Because you take your "tower" with you, you never have to rely on a stationary tower for output, and you never have to worry about the stationary tower breaking your connections in a storm. In "end times," you would be able to communicate with any and all other survivors who have access to the same satellite service. 

As Long as a Satellite in Space Can Deliver Signals, You Can Radio to Others

​Cell towers, phone cables, and other forms of communication equipment may be destroyed if some sort of horrific global event were to occur. However, as long as a signal satellite remains roving in space, people will be able to continue to reach each other. When it all comes down to it, this type of communication can survive just about anything, and it would be a lifeline in troubling days. 

​Push to Talk, Just Like a Walkie-Talkie

​Short-range and long-range radios were first used by military personnel in the second World War. The technology progressed over time to push-to-talk walkie-talkie radios. Now, kids can play with these (although most of the time the toys do not work), and the military reserve twenty-plus channels just for their communication. With these satellite radios, you do not have to worry about airwave licenses, airwave restrictions, and you can push to talk just like walkie-talkie radios. They are so simple to use a child can use them. 

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